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Five Stars Rating 2013
Holiday Super Sale
Aruntx Shopping
Holiday Super Sale

Friday May 06 2016 2:24:43 AM ET NYC NY - Premium Shopping
Shop Smart This Holiday Season For Fancy Foods And Wonderful Gifts
Order Now And USPS Delivery To Your Door Is Scheduled For Monday

Celebrate Gift Giving 2013 With Beautiful Gourmet Desserts Now On Sale, of good times and great friends with this magnificent offering of opulent luxuries. A truly grand gesture lavished with specialties, Wonderful For Entertaining Aruntx Premium Shopping Centre Marketplace helps take the guesswork out of gifting. It’s incredibly easy, rewarding and stress-free to shop with Aruntx to fill all of your gift needs in classic style all year. Buy Today. Ship Today. Delivered To Your Door.

Shopping Is Easier, Safer, Smarter. Enjoy The Luxury:
   Good Morning. Discover timeless and luxurious gifts for everyone on your list when you order online or through our catalog. At The Aruntx Store Premium Online Shopping Centre Marketplace, giving has been a venerable tradition for generations. We have gathered together an assortment of exceptional gifts as a tangible means of expressing what’s in your heart. There is something for everyone who values the tradition and quality that have been continuous Aruntx Premium Online Shopping Centre Marketplace hallmarks. The perfect gift deserves an exceptional presentation. Our free signature gift wrapping are complimentary, you can include a personal message with each item to add the finishing touch. Never Any Handling Charges. We Match All The Competitive Prices. We Deliver To Post Office Box, APO FPO And Rural Address. Armed Forces Military Delivery With Customs Form No Extra Charge. Telephone And Mail Orders Are Always Welcome.

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Ivins Famous Spiced Wafer Cookies 6 Pack
Over 7 Pounds $38.99
World Famous Tortuga Rum Liqueur Coffee
Season Sale Now $9.95
Godiva 15.50 OZ Boxed Chocolate Ballotin Gift
$77.00 Now Just $65.00
New York Gift Basket Holiday 2012 Equipped
Gift Special $156.95
World Famous Tortuga “Golden Original” Rum Cake 1 Pound $22.50
Downeys Original Irish Gourmet Whiskey Cake
Over 1 Pound $22.50
Table Christmas Tree Live Two Foot Spruce
Decorated Gift $59.95
New York Flowers Live Red Poinsettia Plants
The Perfect Gift $14.95
Decorative Spectacular Christmas Door Wreath
Live Tradition $95.95
Christmas Magic Tree Live Table Top Two Foot Rosemary Decorated White Lights - plant it in the yard enjoy year round watch it grow with Christmas 2011 Memories
Christmas Magic Live Tree Table Top II Foot Rosemary Decorated White Lights $49.95
Harry & David Living Lit Traditional Dwarf Spruce Christmas Tree Hand Decorated With White Lights - enjoy year round watch it grow with Christmas 2011 Memories
Harry & David Living Lit Traditional Dwarf Spruce Christmas Tree Hand Decorated Only $82.90
The Spirit Of Christmas Decorated Nice Simple Value Thoughts Count Loving Live Tree  - plant it in the yard enjoy year round watch it grow with Christmas 2011 Memories
The Spirit Of Christmas Decorated Nice Simple Value Thoughts Count Loving Live Tree $35.95
Table Christmas Tree Live Three Foot Pine Illuminated Decorated Gift - plant it in the yard enjoy year round watch it grow with Christmas 2011 Memories
Table Christmas Tree Live Three Foot Pine Illuminated Decorated Impressive Gift $89.95
Live Eight Foot Christmas Tree Premium Grade Douglas Fir For Home Delivery Boxed - TREE ONLY
Live 8 Foot Christmas Tree Premium Grade Douglas Fir Cut Home Delivery Boxed $195.00
Beautiful Charming Grand Versatile Real Live Rope White Pine Garlands Twenty Foot Wrapping Soft Scent Enhances Any Home Entrance For Thoughtful Perfect Christmas Celebrations Everyone Will Remember
Beautiful Versatile Real Live Rope White Pine Garlands 20' Wrapping Soft Scent Only $49.95
Wicked Jack's Tavern Jamaican Butter Rum Cake 20oz Now $24.95
Aruntx Heavenly New York Coffee Gourmet Roast Blend 1lb $16.00
Wicked Jack's Tavern The Pirates Wooden Treasure Chest $59.95
Christmas Cookies Four Beautiful Decorated Kid Delight Cookies $29.95
Traditional Tapers Pair Bayberry Candles Hand Artisian Dipped $18.95
Genuine Aruntx Farm Fresh Fancy Gourmet Sweet Potato $24.00
Harry & David Gingerbread Basket Gift Moose Munch Goodies And More
Harry & David Basket Gingerbread Gift Moose Munch Goodies $60.95
Harry And David Gingerbread House Hand-Decorated
Harry & David Gift The Gingerbread House Hand Decorated $82.90
Harry & David Treat Northwest Gift Basket  Deluxe
Harry & David Gift The Northwest Gift Basket Deluxe Only $72.95
Blue Crab Bay Co. Gifts
Gourmet Gifting Treat Deluxe Sampler $49.00
Blue Crab Bay Co. Gifts
Gourmet Gift Wicker Basket Best $218.50
Blue Crab Bay Co. Soup
Gourmet Clam Chowder 12 In Case Only $75.00
Original Bookbinders
Lobster Bisque Soup 12 In Case Only $55.90
Original Bookbinders
Shrimp Bisque Soup 12 In Case Only $55.90
Original Bookbinders
Creamy Oyster Stew 12 In Case Only $55.90
Caviar Petrossian Paris Sturgeon 50GM Natural
Persicus Only $675.00
50 Fresh 1½' Chesnuts Colossal Fresh Natural
Three Pounds $49.50
Gourmet Italian Aged Cheese Enjoy Basket
Six Pounds $180.00
ProWeatherStation™ Home Weather Station
Season Special $275.00
Hotronic SnapDry Boot & Glove Dryer 120 Volt
$79.00 Special $57.95
Hotronic Foot Warmer M 4 Battery Powered
Season Special $175.00
TASTYKAKE Bakery Fresh Koffee Kake
Value 72 Cakes $49.95
TASTYKAKE Bakery Fresh All-American
Bake 108 Cakes $49.95
TASTYKAKE Bakery Fresh Iced Cupcakes
Value 72 Cakes $49.95
Aruntx Server Secure Software Programs
$5.00 - 10,000.00
Microsoft 2011 2011 IBM S990
Aruntx Server Custom Software Applications
$5.00 - 10,000.00
Microsoft 2011 2011 IBM S990
Simple Mobile Shopping SMS Online eCommerce
2012 Ready $120.00
Microsoft 2011 2011 IBM S990
The Electric Fireplace
Glowing Logs $795.95
Aruntx Gas Fireplace
Hot Special $1950.00
Aruntx Wood Fireplace
Burner Price $2275.00
AT&T Trimline Phone Amplified 508 Handset
Quality Value $29.95
Fluidmaster PRO45K Pro Toilet Rebuild Kit
Easy Install $22.50
10000 Watt Emergency ElectricStart Generator
Good Price $2299.00
Wigwam Mills Wool - Outdoor Sturdy Socks
Buy 5 Get 1 Free $8.50
Genuine Ð Brand Young Mens Fleece Hoodie Zip
Our Exclusive $29.95
Genuine Ð Cashmere Crew Winter Sweater
Aruntx Bonus $179.95
Chrysanthemums 10 Stems - Sans Vase
Beautiful Gift $49.99
Cute Pink Roses With Hypericum - Sans Vase
Beautiful Gift $59.99
Burgundy Calia Lilly - 20 Stems Sans Vase
Beautiful Gift $99.95
3 Months Of Beautiful Stem Roses Sans Vase
To Your Door $221.00
6 Months Of Beautiful Stem Roses Sans Vase
To Your Door $412.00
12 Months Of Beautiful Stem Roses Sans Vase
To Your Door $795.00
Ocean Scented USA Signature Rich Candles
The Tradition $220.00
RALPH LAUREN For Her Eau de Parfum Spray
The Loving Gift $75.00
Renee Lalique Wisdom Crystal Office Desk Set
The Classic $695.00 Shop - American Express Welcomed Here Verification Security SealKPMG Security Seal  Protected By Merchants Alert Shop - Pleasing You Means Success To Us

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Aruntx Premium Shopping Holidays 2013:
   Aruntx Premium Shopping Holidays 2013. No more waiting in line. No more valuable time away from the office or from decorating for the holidays. Customers can take advantage of the personal convenience, safety and service of Aruntx Premium Shopping Marketplace with gifts delivered at their home, saving a trip to the crowded shopping mall. The convenience of door-to-door delivery is only a keyboard click away. Don't fight Mother Nature this holiday season. Stay inside and let Aruntx Premium Shopping Marketplace do what it does best taking some of the hassle out of the holidays this year. Aruntx Shopping has partnered with USPS and the carriers go to homes and businesses every day, making it quick, easy and convenient for customers speedy, reliable delivery. Since 1775, the United States Postal Service and its predecessor, the Post Office Department, have connected friends, families, neighbors and businesses by mail. An independent federal agency that visits more than 144 million homes and businesses every day, the Postal Service is the only service provider delivering to every address in the nation.


Crisp Autumn Cookies:
   Crisp Autumn Cookies. Ivin's™ Spiced Wafers, Sweetzels™ Ginger Snaps and Sweetzels™ Spiced Wafer cookies have been tasty harbingers of the fall season for over 100 years. Made using real ginger, Pennsylvania molasses, allspice, cloves, cinnamon and other natural ingredients. Six eighteen ounce boxes per case, twin pack for extra freshness. All natural, no artificial ingredients. Sold by New York case only, perfect with milk, coffee and tea. Simple Luxury. Great Seasonal Value. A possible wonderful special gift for the ones you love. Now Available Aruntx Premium Shopping Marketplace. Immediate Delivery. Buy Today. Ship Today. Delivered to your door. Crisp is fresh and autumn is the season for exceptional cookies. Traditions like this one have gained Aruntx Premium Shopping an outstanding reputation with all of our customers, and we will continue to build on that wonderful tradition of quality, richness and history by taking the same approach with our entire line of products, enjoyed by the social register domicile disciplines.


U.S. Postal Service "Cradle to Cradle"SM Certification:
   U.S. Postal Service "Cradle to Cradle"SM Certification Aruntx Premium Shopping Marketplace sends a very "green" message across town or around the world when sending Priority Mail and Express Mail packages and envelopes. The U.S. Postal Service is the only mailing or shipping company in the nation to achieve "Cradle to Cradle"SM Certification at the Silver level from MBDC (McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry) for human and environmental health. Postal Service mailing and shipping supplies already had exceeded government requirements, including recycled content standards from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Going beyond existing federal and state agency requirements was a goal in seeking certification. Cradle to Cradle Certification is a scientifically based process that reviews specific criteria to assess the environmental attributes of materials used in products. MBDC examined 60 packaging items, breaking those items down to 250 component materials and then further analyzing 1,400 individual ingredients in those component materials before awarding the certification. Based on the recycled content of the more than 500 million Express Mail and Priority Mail packages and envelopes the Postal Service provides its customers each year, more than 15,000 metric tons of carbon equivalent emissions (climate change gases) now will be prevented annually. Express Mail and Priority Mail boxes and envelopes also are 100 percent recyclable. To achieve certification, all 200 suppliers contributing to the manufacture of Postal Service envelopes and packages completed a demanding series of measurements and assessments of materials for human and environmental health. Maintaining these new, higher standards is now an integral part of doing business with the Postal Service. All materials were examined using 39 criteria for human and environmental health, including toxicity, renewable energy, water stewardship, recyclability and other manufacturing attributes. The Postal Service also worked with MBDC to gain certification for an additional 200 million pieces of mailing supplies used each year (decals, labels, packing tape), examining inks, tapes and adhesives. Consumer convenience didn't stop with higher environmental standards. The Postal Service also redesigned all Priority Mail and Express Mail packages and envelopes, including the popular Flat-Rate boxes and envelopes. Customers now can use the same Priority Mail or Express Mail packaging whether shipping within the United States or to another country. Eliminating the need for separate materials for international mail further reduces source material for recycling. On a daily basis Aruntx Shopping has partnered with the United States Postal Service to use shipping containers for our customers which may be recycled, our promise for continuing to be environment friendly. Aruntx Shopping continues to supply water saving devices for our wonderful customers. Aruntx Premium Shopping Marketplace is proud to partner with the United States Postal Service. See Also USPS Postal Bulletin


Special Gifts to Give:
  A guest who bears World Famous Tortuga Rum Cake as a gift is especially welcome in our home. But even better is the guest who takes the trouble to select an unusual rum treat that provokes conversation. We like to bring bubbly to the host and hostess, but Champagne or something sparkling from California is too predictable. Instead, why not bring a rum from an unexpected location, such as the Cayman Islands? Another interesting choice would be a World Famous Tortuga Rum Cake. Or you can surprise your host or hostess with something really different, such as World Famous Tortuga Chocolate Banana Rum Fudge, the true Caribbean flavor of sweet taste and bananas blended with rich dark chocolate infused with award winning Tortuga Dark Rum. World Famous Tortuga Rum Liqueuer Coffee is also a wonderful treat. Timeless and elegant, World Famous Tortuga's new Gold Collection is the perfect gift to give for any special occasion. Indulge your guests with an exquisite selection, beautifully arranged in Tortuga's new, luxurious matte gold gift box. A richer range of gifting, including new scrumptious flavour coffee, luscious rum cake and creamy indulgent rum fudge.


More Bang For The Buck:
  If You Are 50 And Over JOIN OUR MONDAY CLUB - It's Free - And You'll Receive 10% Off All Purchases, Every Monday. If You Are 49 And Younger JOIN OUR FRIDAY CLUB - It's Free - And You'll Receive 10% Off All Purchases, Every Friday! Using the discount is easy, just enter your Club Membership Number in comments when you check out. Looking For The Gift That Keeps On Giving? We offer instant GIFT CARDS that can be purchased for any amount. Buy Today Ship Today.


Tortuga Rums Take Top Ratings in Taste Tests:
   Tortuga 5-Year Old & 12-Year Old Rums Take Top Ratings in Taste Tests by Industry Experts. Tortuga Rum Company, Ltd has won top honors for its Tortuga 5 Year Old Rum and Tortuga 12 Year Old Rum at the International Cane Spirits Festival held in Tampa, Florida on March 24, 2007. The International Cane Spirits Tasting Competition, held in conjunction with the festival, is the only tasting event in the United States dedicated to the sugar cane spirits industry. The judging panel included industry experts from around the world, and from the distilling, mixology, culinary and spirits media industries. For Rum, Aged Up to & Including 8 Years Category Tortuga 5 Year Old Rum earned the Gold Medal and Best of Category. For Rum, Aged 9 - 15 Years Category Tortuga 12 Year Old Rum tied for the Gold Medal and Best of Category. More information on the competition is available at The Tortuga Rum Company, Ltd. is a family owned and operated business based in Grand Cayman, ans is is known for its world famous Tortuga Caribbean Rum Cakes, the number one export of the Cayman Islands. Tortuga Rum Cake is distributed by Aruntx Premium Shopping.


The Marketplace Private Shopping:
  The Aruntx Store Premium Online Shopping Centre Marketplace invites you to experience the convenience of shopping with a knowledgeable and creative Personal Shopper. Our Shoppers can personalize your gift ideas for any occasion. You may be escorted throughout our stores or work in the online centre. The shoppers are also available to work via phone, fax, e-mail and live chat throughout the year. Complimentary service available to everyone in all of our stores. Shop by appointment. Arrangements can be made for a Personal Shopper to visit you in your office. Special hours can be arranged to suit your schedule. Groups accommodated. Private shopping is available on an international basis. Shop The Aruntx Premium Online Shopping Centre Marketplace.


Aruntx Premium Holiday Gift Cakes:
   Aruntx Premium Holiday Gift Cakes. Apple Cinnamon Nut Premium Brandy Cake. This Holiday Season celebrate deliciousness with Beatrice Bakery Co.'s premium Apple Cinnamon Nut Cake. Aruntx Shopping presents this delectable dessert cake, added a splash of brandy to the finest ingredients and hand-sorted fruits and nuts and packaged it in a beautiful gift tin. Serve with a scoop of your favorite ice cream and drizzle with caramel sauce. Delight dessert lovers with this signature gourmet cake. Our master cake bakers combine two of America's best loved ingredients — apples and nuts — add a dash of cinnamon and create a nostalgic favorite. Our artisans fold Washington apples soaked in premium brandy, English Walnuts and pecans into the cake batter. The cake is slowly baked, tempered and decorated by hand. Packaged in a decorative gift tin. Serves 16-20. Fruit and Nut Ring Cake With Bourbon, Rum And Brandy. The secret to this tasty ring cake is a combination of ripe fancy cherries, fresh succulent pineapples, golden raisins, crunchy almonds, seedling pecans, English walnuts and just the right amount of bourbon, rum and brandy. Serves 16-20. Blueberry Walnut Ring Cake With Juicy Blueberries Soaked In Premium Brandy. Distinguished by extraordinary ingredients, including Oregon blueberries and crisp English Walnuts, Beatrice Bakery Co.'s exclusive Blueberry Walnut Cake is a first-class example of baking perfection. Our cake afficonados combine plump, juicy blueberries soaked in premium brandy and English Walnuts into the cake batter. The cake is slowly baked, tempered and decorated by hand. Packaged in a decorative gift tin. Serves 16-20. Order ahead of time from Aruntx Premium Shopping Marketplace for guaranteed holiday delivery.


The Marketplace e-Specials:
  e-Specials is an exciting way to receive information on the latest ideas in promotional products from The Aruntx Premium Online Shopping Centre Marketplace right at the convenience of your desktop. Through e-Specials, you will receive an electronic flyer distributed monthly featuring the hottest trends in value merchandise at exceptional prices. We practice permission-based marketing, always allowing you the option to "unsubscribe" with every mailing. If you would like to receive Aruntx Premium Online Shopping Centre Marketplace e-Specials with great up-to-date promotional products and pricing, please click on the contact link to commence receiving this valuable publication.


The Marketplace Newsletter:
  The Aruntx Premium Online Shopping Centre Marketplace News gives you more than just a monthly news summary. Aruntx Premium Online Shopping Centre Marketplace News provides insightful analysis of today's important worldwide value events and what they mean to you and your family. The Aruntx Shopping Centre Marketplace News helps you keep up with the arts, business, and society. Aruntx Premium Online Shopping Centre Marketplace News is a great conversation that engages its readers with news of the value world. The value newsletter that regards shoppers, seriously and straightforwardly. Each issue contains a lively mix of topics, compelling stories, crisp design, and thoughtful packaging.


The Marketplace Art Of Giving 2013:
  The Art Of Giving 2013. The Marketplace Corporate Incentive Gift Programs. Fantastic Distinctive Gifts. Now meeting all your objectives has never been easier... or more tastefully done. Choose from our most popular assortment of world class gifts, to find the perfect enticement at price points to meet any budget. So whether you're rewarding your top achievers for a job well done... thanking your best customers for their loyalty... or looking to impress your clients in a delicious, new way - what could inspire more guaranteed results - or more envy - than the instant recognition found wrapped in the gift box. When you're offering the temptation of the world's finest rewards, the possibilities for motivation are many. Irresistible Dealer Promotions - offering a choice of products to entice top producers. Unique Sales Incentives - rewarding those sales people who meet their goals. Special Recognition for Employees and Clients - making a lasting impression on all. Rewards to Boost Productivity - exceeding company goals. Increase Trade Show Booth Attendance - through welcome gifts.
  A personalized ribbon sets your exceptional gift apart. A personalized gift goes the extra mile, tastefully communicating your commitment, appreciation and sentiment. So why not add a custom-imprinted ribbon to one of our classic gifts. A personalized gift works wonders for: Marketing promotions, Trade shows and conventions, Incentives and rewards, Thank-you gifts, Congratulations gifts, Company banquets, Holidays, Secretaries Day, Employee & Corporate anniversaries, Corporate theme parties. Please note a minimum of 50 units is required and a 4 week lead time is required on all custom ribbon orders. In addition to your custom ribbon*, a note bearing your personal message can also accompany your gift. Or, send us your own business card or greeting card, and we'll enclose it for you. * NOTE: Ribbons bearing special request messages or company logo have an additional $2.00 per box for larger assortments. An additional $50 set-up fee for logos applies. Available in your choice of 10 vibrant colors, every ribbon complements our gifts beautifully. The Aruntx Premium Online Shopping Centre Marketplace Gifts are a tangible means of expressing success.


The Marketplace Holiday Shopping Study:
  The Marketplace Holiday Shopping Study. Online holiday shopping patterns are significantly different from those of offline shoppers. The study examines the holiday shopping patterns of both online and offline customers and shows e-commerce companies how their customers' online shopping behavior differs from that of traditional shopping patterns. This analysis helps e-commerce companies improve their digital marketing campaigns during the crucial holiday season. The Aruntx Premium Online Shopping Centre Marketplace analyzed holiday shopping behavior data of 24 leading e-commerce companies from the day after Thanksgiving through December 24th, 2008. The goal was to reveal the times of greatest and least online holiday shopping activity and compare patterns with offline shopping. The online behavior was used to build the conclusions. The findings of the study proved that online holiday shopping patterns are significantly different from those of offline shoppers. The following are some examples of how the two mediums differ: Weekdays are the most active online shopping days during the holidays, while Saturdays are the most active for offline shopping. December 12th, is the biggest online shopping day as compared to offline shopping's traditional peaks of the day after Thanksgiving and the days just before Christmas. Online shopping tapers off approximately ten days before Christmas, most likely indicating that shoppers perceive that there is insufficient time for items to be shipped and received by Christmas. Offline shopping, on the other hand, continues to increase until just before Christmas day. Online shopping activity peaks during working hours at around 1 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. Online shopping during the week following Christmas is very active, exceeding the overall per-week average for the holiday season. Christmas 2013 will be celebrated on a Wednesday, making for interesting future shopping trends. Shop The Aruntx Premium Online Shopping Centre Marketplace. Enjoy The Luxury Of Your Purchases Being Delivered To Your Door The Next Day.


The Marketplace Seasonal Trivia:


Aruntx Acquires Abungie Plumbing Supply:
  Aruntx Acquires Abungie Plumbing Supply. Aruntx Publishing Company in a recent press conference has announced that Aruntx Publishing Company Has Completed The Acquisition Of Abungie Plumbing Supply Company. Aruntx Publishing Company, through its Administrative Logistics Systems division, has completed the acquisition of Abungie Plumbing Supply Company,, an over one hundred year plumbing supply house, and expects business to continue as normal during the shifting tide of current events. Always Insist On The Genuine Abungie Plumbing Supply For All Your Residential, Commercial and Institutional Plumbing Needs. Prompt Expert Service. "As Seen In Better Homes & Gardens, Google, Bob Villas' This Old House". For all of your Wholesale Plumbing Supply needs please contact Abungie Plumbing Supply. We have thousands of items in our vast Plumbing Inventory, our website just showcases a few items. Fast shipping, quality products and friendly service, an established Plumbing Supply Company you can trust. Abungie Plumbing Supply serves the public, contractors, schools, multi-housing, hospitals, and government accounts. United States Government CAGE/Ncage code 412R7. Naics Code: 541511. Discounts available for volume purchases and the trade. Call us Toll-Free anytime to discuss your Plumbing Supply requirements with our expert sales people. Delta, American Standard, Sloan, Moen, Fluidmaster, Thermostats, Bath Products, Toilet Parts, Faucets, and Sink Parts are just a few of the Plumbing Supplies we stock in our gigantic, state-of-the-art, warehouse complex. Delivery Worldwide. Discover why the Abungie Plumbing Supply is America's favorite authorized distributor. Be wise and protect yourself, your water, and the environment. Don't wait a week to fix a leak. Don't assume that a small leak will only waste a little water. A leaking toilet can waste up to 200 gallons per day. During the same period of time, a leaking faucet can drip over 600,000 drops. We stocks the parts to make you environment friendly. Award-winning tech support that's there for you if you ever need it. Premium Shopping Is Easier, Safer, Smarter. Buy Today. Ship Today. Delivered To Your Door. We specialize in hard to find plumbing parts. Abungie Plumbing Supply stocks a complete line of factory authorized genuine plumbing parts. New and exciting products added daily. The right plumbing part, right to your door. A perfect example is Fluidmaster PRO45K Toilet Repair Kit Complete an easy way to rebuild your toilet.


AwardAruntx Shopping Guarantee:
  Premium Shopping At Its Finest. Buy Today. Ship Today. With foul weather in the east, tides in the west, and a little bit of everything in between, few times of the year highlight the convenience of shopping from home like this season. Orders can be processed for delivery to U.S., FPO, APO, and Canadian addresses. Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express Cards And US Government Purchase Cards Are Always Welcomed Here. Throughout the decades of great change and growth, our guiding principle has remained constant. Like the owners of the "old-fashioned" country store, we believe in treating our customers like our neighbors and friends. We offer only products we use or would use ourselves, we offer them at fair prices, and we guarantee them without condition. Your satisfaction, both in dealing with us and in the products you buy, must be complete. Nothing less is acceptable. Today, as always, we owe our success to you, our customer. We appreciate your patronage and look forward to serving you for many years to come. - The Aruntx Premium Online Shopping Centre Marketplace Support Team.

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